• How to Avoid Forced Liquidation?

    In the previous post we introduced when forced liquidation will occur, so let us give you some advices of avoiding it in this part.Method 1:Set stop loss order. A stop-loss order helps inves... Read more >

     2020-02-25 08:47:05

  • Why does my demo account expire/demo records disappear?

    Your demo account will be expired and all practicing trading records will be deleted after holding for one year since registration. Whatever, you can create a new demo account by logging out and signi... Read more >

     2019-12-17 08:54:59

  • How to deposit other cryptocurrencies on Bexplus? (ETH, XRP, EOS....etc.)

    1.Before Deposit, you must send the deposit request with amount of Ethereum deposit and Registration Email address to Bexplus official Email.2.Bexplus will send you the official receiving Ethereum add... Read more >

     2019-02-12 03:02:07

  • Withdrawal procedure on Bexplus

    1. Time of withdrawal?You can withdraw BTC 24/7. However most of our competitors only proceed withdrawal requests three times a day.2. How long will the BTC arrive to your account after withdrawal? Wh... Read more >

     2018-10-26 09:37:00

  • When will Forced Liquidation Occur?

    Margin CallA margin call is the broker's demand that an investor deposit additional money or securities.Margin call notification (email, in-app message, mobile notification) will be triggered when... Read more >

     2018-10-26 06:01:29

  • What is the limit orders? When will It be executed?

    1. Limit orders on Bexplus will not occupy margin like other trading platforms. When the market price reaches the price you set, if the available margin is not enough, then the order will be canceled.... Read more >

     2018-10-26 05:59:19

  • How long will it take to deposit Bitcoin on Bexplus?

    1. Time of deposit?You can deposit BTC 24/7.2. How long will the bitcoin be credited in your account after deposit? What to do if the BTC haven't yet credited to your account balance for a long ti... Read more >

     2018-10-26 05:49:54

  • Withdrew to A Wrong Address?

    Once you replied the withdrawal confirmation email (to confirm the BTC wallet address and the amount you are going to withdraw), Bexplus will start withdraw BTC automatically to the confirmed add... Read more >

     2018-10-26 05:49:08

  • How to Withdraw on Bexplus trading app?

    1/3After logging in, find “User Center”- “Trading account”or "Wallet account", click “Withdraw” button, then the page redirect to that of withdrawing bitcoin.2/3Add the address of withdrawin... Read more >

     2018-10-26 05:47:30

  • How to Deposit? (Website)

    After logging in, click account name at the top right corner of the homepage, then select "Deposit" in the drop-down list. Then you will get a Bitcoin deposit address with individual multi-s... Read more >

     2018-10-26 05:43:10

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