Institutions strongly increase BTC holdings, don't panic

 2020-08-27 13:24:26

During the short-term sideways volatility of BTC, investors bought not many BTCs at low prices, but the price has shown two-way fluctuations. The trading trends of institutional investors have increased, and the latest institutional holdings reminded us that the market will be completed in the repeated seesaw of long and short. For investors, it is necessary to collect as much bargaining chips as possible according to the characteristics of price fluctuations in order to expand profits after the market stabilizes.

In terms of institutions, Grayscale once again increased its holdings of BTC on August 26, increasing the number of BTC held from 417,900 BTC to 422,300 BTC, an increase of 4,400 BTC. Judging from the number of holdings, this is the highest increase since August 14. It can be seen that institutional investors have not given up the opportunity to buy BTC at low prices. Grayscale not only continued to buy BTC, but also achieved the ultimate in terms of time.

For small and medium investors, the short-term increase in the number of active addresses may also be a signal for investors to actively trade. On August 26, the number of active addresses increased from 950,000 to 1.03 million, and the value was also a short-term high. This shows that during the short-term rebound of BTC on August 26, more investors participated in the transaction process.

In terms of mainstream currencies, most currencies cannot escape the law of synchronization with BTC. Therefore, in the process of BTC retracement to the main cost price before July 28, bullish protection may easily appear. Mainstream coins are all facing the problem of protecting the market after too many callbacks, so in the near future, we can pay more attention to low-price buying opportunities.

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