BTC successfully broke through technically, can pay attention to the upward trend

 2020-11-03 01:51:07

Analysts at bexplus believe that: from the point of view, BTC has confirmed its further upside potential from the moment it reaches $14,000. Judging from the perspective of interval fluctuations, BTC has entered a fluctuation interval of 20%. In this range, the price increase that reached the highest fluctuation range was $16,297.

In terms of large-value transactions, the main force's recent trading actions are not strong. The number of large transactions of more than 100 BTC has continued to fall for 4 trading days since October 28, which shows that the main force's intention to pull the market is not clear. Although BTC's gains broke through the resistance level, the exposed selling pressure also expanded relatively. The current 10-minute K-line chart shows that BTC's short-term retracement of 3.55% on October 31 indicates a typical sell-off signal.

In general, in the recent four trading days, whether it is a major or small and medium investor, the trading trends are not clear enough. The number of active addresses has remained at 890,000 for 4 consecutive trading days since October 29, and there is no sign of a rebound. The corresponding BTC price fluctuation space maintains operation below 5%. As for the daily K-line, BTC is facing changes in the direction of accelerated rise. Only when there is a clear bullish signal on the daily line, this wave of market will accelerate its impact on the historical high of $20,000.

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