Market Analysis of ETH&BTC- November 11th

 2020-11-11 10:14:51

ETH tends to hit a new high, BTC fluctuates slightly in a short-term

From the daily K-line, BTC's price amplitude has dropped to 2.51%, and the price fluctuation space has narrowed in the short term. The continued adjustment means that the market may not appear in recent trading days. And ETH showed an upward breakthrough. After the price started to rise at 00:10 on November 11th, it rose by 3% within half an hour. The volatility of ETH is better than that of BTC. At the same time, it has reached the highest level in the daily K-line at present, so the signs of bullishness are obvious.


According to the recent performance of the number of active addresses of BTC, after BTC reached its peak of 1.2 million on November 4th, the price rose high and then fell back, and the number of the short-term locked-in position on that day was also large. From the current point of view, BTC's increase is supposed to reach the highest of the day at around US $15,850 so to make most short-term locked-in investors in a profitable state. However, the price of BTC is steady in a short term, and the trading volume shrinks slightly.

ETH has already seen a new high in the year at the weekly level. According to the daily K-line, ETH's growth rate reached a new high within two months, which was only lower than the price US $475 on September 1st. Based on this judgment, ETH is already on the verge of a good market, which is likely to arrive early.

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