BTC market day analysis-November 12th

 2020-11-12 06:30:45

Analysts at bexplus believe that: 

The price rose rapidly last night and hit US $16,000 without breaking. It began to fall in the early hours of this morning, as low as US $15,459, and then rebounded. The price returned to above US $15,600 and adjusted.

From the 4-hour chart, the Bollinger Bands are opening upwards. At present, the price has fallen from the upper rail between the middle and upper rails. From a technical point of view, the MACD bullish momentum continues to shrink, and KDJ turns its head downwards to form a dead cross. At present, US $15,500 is a strong support level.


Action suggestions:

Price falls back to around US $15,500-15,550, enter the market with buy/up order, target US $15,650-15,700, stop loss 60 points

Tips: Quotes are time-sensitive, thus please pay attention to take good risk control and make good use of "Take profit" and "Stop loss".

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