ETH Market Day Analysis-Novemeber 12th

 2020-11-12 09:29:40

Analysts at bexplus believe that: 

From the daily chart, the price continued to rise. Yesterday, the highest price rose close to US $476 and then began to fall.

From the 4-hour chart, the Bollinger Band is flat upward and there is a sign of opening. The K-line is located in the upper orbit of the Bollinger Band. The MACD indicator is converging and running above the zero axis. The bullish energy column shrinks to the bearish trend, and the KDJ three-line crosses downward. Comprehensive analysis of various indicators, in the operation for a period of time in the future, it is recommended that sell/down when the price is at a high-level.


Action suggestions:

Rebound near US $465-468, enter the market with sell/down positon, the target near US $455-458, stop loss 4 points

Fall back near US $454-45, enter the market with buy/up position, the target is near US $462-465, stop loss 4 points


Tips: Quotes are time-sensitive, and please pay attention to take good risk control and make good use of "Take profit" and "Stop loss".

The technical analysis of cryptocurrencies in real time should be taken for informational purposes only, and in no case should it be taken as an investment signal.

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