How Do You Think the Recent Trend of Cryptocurrencies?

 2020-11-25 09:51:12

Analysts at bexplus believe that the trend of mainstream currencies is beginning to differentiate, and the trend of BTC is still obviously upward.

From the short-term volume and price performance, the XRP price rose rapidly and then fell back, prompting an obvious signal of dip selling. At the same time, the price trend of BTC is steady, the trend of price rebound is still clear, and the overall market is in a relatively excited state.

In terms of XRP, the price showed a massive retracement from the 15-minute candlestick chart, which was the result of an increase in investors who cashed in profits. The recent price surge of XRP has made investors who hold currency within two years profitable quickly. The adjustment during this period is indeed expected. XRP's recent gains reached a maximum of $0.78. The price actually entered a key pressure level within four trading days.


In terms of ETH, the recent price trend began a horizontal price movement after a continuous rise. On November 24th, the short-term 15-minute K line clearly showed a heavy retracement. This shows that ETH has also sent a small adjustment signal. BTC is facing the most important short-term breakthrough this year, and the market for mainstream currencies is still very likely to differentiate.


Tips: Quotes are time-sensitive, and please pay attention to take good risk control and make good use of "Take profit" and "Stop loss".

The technical analysis of cryptocurrencies in real time should be taken for informational purposes only, and in no case should it be taken as an investment signal.

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