Mainstream coins will remain volatile, pay attention to the buying opportunities with low-price

 2020-11-30 09:16:55

From the current overall performance of mainstream cryptocurrencies, most cryptocurrencies maintain a rebound pattern. Analysts at bexplus believe that although the price activeness is relatively high, there has not yet seen a collective high in closing prices. Short-term investors can continue to pay attention to the buying opportunities with low price, accumulate the number of holding cryptocurrency and wait for the market recovery.

After the short-term rebound of BTC lasted for 3 trading days, it has actually been at a short-term high of shrinking rebound. The contraction of volume means that the resistance of BTC to further rebound is relatively strong, so it is not suitable to chase and buy by a large margin.


The price of ETH rebounded following BTC, shrinking and rising close to the $600. In the adjustment phase, ETH does not have the basis for breaking through $600 for the time being, especially before the typical signs of strengthening appear, wait and see should be the best operation strategy.


Tips: Quotes are time-sensitive, and please pay attention to take good risk control and make good use of "Take profit" and "Stop loss".

The technical analysis of cryptocurrencies in real time should be taken for informational purposes only, and in no case should it be taken as an investment signal.

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