BTC price is violently shifting and the mainstream cryptocurrency still shows price elasticity

 2020-12-02 09:19:38

Analysts at bexplus believe that: the prices of mainstream currencies such as BTC have pulled back, indicating that BTC will not easily expand its gains near key resistance position. Considering that the performance of the mainstream cryptocurrency is still relatively active, finding and holding the most active one will make it easier to obtain profits, for the mainstream cryptocurrency with high activeness will show a more effective rebound performance even in the adjustment phase.


The short-term trading volume of BTC is not that good, even the price has reached a record high, the transaction volume has not broken a new high. However, the overall market activity has remained relatively high recently, and opportunities may appear in more cryptocurrencies.

For example, from the perspective of price increase, when the daily amplitude of LTC reaches 15.2%, the closing price drops by 2.5%, which is a relatively strong cryptocurrency. As a result of the long-short contention, the selling pressure was released twice in a short period of time, and the trading volume of LTC reached a record high of 10.2 billion US dollars, which is obviously the result of increased activeness. With high active status, LTC prices are expected to be easier to reach new highs.

In terms of XRP, the trading volume is still twice as high as November 20th. In other words, the high activeness of XRP will obviously not end in a short time, which means that the price may shift to another direction at any time. Because there will always be some long buyers who dare to enter the market with short-term transactions to supplement XRP’s liquidity, thus pushing it up invisibly the closing price.

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