The Recent Market Enthusiasm Has Reappeared, and Mainstream Cryptocurrencies May Usher in an Explosion Period

 2020-12-28 09:19:58

Analysts at Bexplus found that bitcoin surged sharply during the Christmas holidays, directly surging $28,000; the short-term upward rush and fall, mainstream cryptocurrencies have made up for the increase, especially Ethereum directly broke through the $700 mark; News on the evening of December 27th, the total market value of global cryptocurrencies once exceeded $750 billion, and Bitcoin once accounted for 70% of the market value; Messari researcher Ryan Watkins tweeted that institutions may buy ETH in 2021. The current continued popularity continues to rise, pushing Bitcoin to continue to rise strongly.

BTC - Bitcoin has continued its strong upward trend recently, and the market directly broke through the $25,000 mark and reached around $28,400. Currently, the market is trading sideways at a high level. There is a certain support below $26,000 in the short term and short-term resistance at $28,000 above. It is not advisable to blindly chase high Bitcoin in the near future. You can wait for the market to break through $28,000 again and enter the market. After the breakthrough, there is a high probability of going up to around $30,000. In addition, there is still strong support at $24,000 below the overall level. If the market drops sharply, you can go long (buy/up) here.


ETH - Ethereum market experienced a substantial increase yesterday. The market broke through the $660 resistance position and surged to $700. It is currently running above $720, showing a strong trend. It is recommended to pay attention to the large support position near $660. You can go long if the price steps back.


Tips: Quotes are time-sensitive, and please pay attention to take good risk control and make good use of "Take profit" and "Stop loss".

The analysis of cryptocurrencies in real time should be taken for informational purposes only, and in no case should it be taken as an investment signal.

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