Bexplus Digital Currency Financial Management Private Fund 2021/02/15

 2021-02-07 07:43:32

Dear users,

Bexplus launches fixed investment financial management products, loan financial products provided by professional market makers, and financial management products provided by digital currency quantitative trading funds. First-come, first-served.

Sales period :2021-02-15 00:00 AM-2021-03-01 00:00 AM (UTC).

Subscription method: reply to email or contact customer service.

USDT Loan Financial Investment Zone (Break-even)

Investment TypeDigital AssetAnnualized Interest RateClosing PeriodExercise PriceLimitManagement Charge Rate
Loan Financial Product AUSDT3.5%-4.2%365 Days$1$5,0000.1%
Loan Financial Product BUSDT5.6%-6.3%365 Days$1$20,0000.1%
Loan Financial Product CUSDT12.1%-13.6%365 Days$1$100,0000.1%
Loan Financial Product DUSDT15.8%-17.2%365 Days$1$500,0000.05%

Example: A user buys a debit-credit financial management product worth 1 USDT, the exercise price is the BTC spot price of the sale day.

(exercise price is X, the annualized interest rate is Y%, BTC spot price is B)

When the product expires on the delivery date, the user will receive 1*X*(Y%/B) USDT.

USDT Quantitative Trading Investment Zone (Risk)

Investment TypeDigital AssetAnnualized Interest RateClosing PeriodExercise PriceLimitLiquidation ratioManagement Charge Rate
Quantitative Trading Fund AUSDT20%-30%365 Days$1$100,00020%0.5%
Quantitative Trading Fund BUSDT


365 Days$1$200,00030%1.2%
Quantitative Trading Fund CUSDT60%-72%365 Days$1$500,00040%2.0%
Quantitative Trading Fund DUSDT98%-110%365 Days$1$1,000,000550%5.0%

Example:A user buys a quantitative trading fund product worth 1 USDT, the exercise price is the USDT spot price of the sale day. 

(exercise price is X, the real return rate is R%, BTC spot price is B) 

When the product expires on the delivery date, the user will receive 1*X*(R%/B) USDT.


Notice----------------------start of sale---end of sale-------------------------contract expiration-----settlement

2021/2/08                           2021/2/15     2021/3/01                                          2022/3/01                    2022/3/02


1. The actual exercise price of the contract may not reflect the Ref. Exercise price in the initial announcement. The actual exercise price will be adjusted according to the spot price changes in the 24 hours after the initial offer period. The referred spot price is $1.00.

2. After the payment is completed, the net value will be calculated, and need to confirm the product type; the interest will be calculated after the sale ends.

3. The management fee will be waived if the payment is completed within 48 hours before the sales deadline.


1. What is a loan financial investment?

Loan financial investment is liquid funds provided by Bexplus to market makers. It is a loan type fund that has a stable rate of return.

2. What is the quantitative trading investment?

It is an investment model for digital currency algorithms provided by a professional quantitative trading investment institution, and it can achieve high-performance machine learning. It has the ability to develop trading strategies and regression testing to ensure that your funds can be stable and profitable.

3. When will I get my income?

Each purchased product has a product closure period. After the product expires, the product will be settled, and then the principal and income will be settled into your trading account.

4. Can I refund halfway?

After purchasing the product, it cannot be withdrawn. In addition, early redemption before the expiry date is not supported.

5. Will all the products offer stable returns without any risk of loss?

The debit-credit fund is risk-free financial management and can only guarantee that it will not lose money relative to the US dollar. 

The quantitative trading foundation has a liquidation ratio. When the loss reaches the liquidation ratio, it will be forcibly closed to ensure the safety of your funds.

6. How to view the details of my order?

After the order is paid, the private equity foundation will send you the product progress and status via email once a week.

7. How to view my order?

After you confirm the subscription agreement with the customer service, you will receive the fund subscription payment page, just pay the corresponding amount.

8. How the management fees are collected and deducted?

The management fee will be deducted at the time of product settlement, and the management fee will not be deducted.

9. What is the settlement ratio of quantitative trading?

That is, when the loss of the product reaches the corresponding proportion, the quantitative trading fund will be forced to close the position to ensure the safety of the remaining funds.

10. When will the price be executed and how often will it change?

For BTC products, the execution price is the price of BTC/USD when the product is exercised. For funds of other currency types, it is the real-time price of the corresponding US dollar, which changes once a day.

11. What are the exercise currency and settlement currency?

Users can use BTC, ETH, USDT to purchase fund contracts. The contract value and interest rate are all calculated in US dollars. The currency on the settlement day will be refunded in the type of currency you purchased.

Risk warning: 

Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risks. Please make your trading decision cautiously. Bexplus will make the best efforts to increase the rate of return, but will not responsible for your trading losses.

Thanks for your support!

Bexplus Team

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