Bitcoin's Rise Is Limited, The Market Shows Signs Of Correction In A Short Time

 2021-06-01 10:43:29

In terms of the Bitcoin market, the price started a steady increase above the $36,000 resistance and it even broke $37,000 in the early mornin. The Bollinger Band opening is flat in the four-hour chart, and the currency price is operating in the upper-middle orbital area of the Bollinger Band, which is now trading around $36,400; the MACD speed line runs near the zero axis, showing a golden cross state; and RSI There is a downward trend of heavy volume; this shows that there are signs of a correction in the short-term trend.


With one wave after another, Bitcoin finally moved to the $38,000 mark. Although it has not been broken at present, overall progress is still considerable. In addition, the wait-and-see sentiment in the market will also change with the gradual rise of the currency price, which will invisibly increase the transaction volume and provide sufficient energy for the later upsurge. However, there are still some prudent people who wait for a clear uptrend signal in the market to change their beliefs, but it does not matter. There are losses and gains. It is the wisest to make corresponding measures according to their own risk-bearing ability.


DISCLAIMER: The analysis of cryptocurrencies in real-time should be taken for informational purposes only, and in no case should it be taken as an investment signal. Every investment and trading move involves risk. You should conduct your own research when making a decision.

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