Can I manage multiple accounts at the same time?

 2019-11-29 06:39:38

It is not allowed to create new accounts if any user already has one, even from different emails or locations.


It's prohibited to create account to earn a welcome bonus repeatedly. Claiming bonuses from different accounts will be deemed as a fraudulent action which will lead to suspension of all accounts. You won't be able to withdraw from the suspended accounts.


If you have forgotten the password of the older account, please retrieve your password via the Password Reset page. If you are still able to access your email but stuck with the Google 2-Step Verification, please contact us for help.


If multiple accounts controlled or dispatched by any individual out of bad faith, Bexplus reserves the right to freeze any account to avoid illegitimate activities.

If you wish to abandon an existing account to start over for any personal reason, you can contact us to block your abandoned account.

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