How to Enhance the Account Security?

 2018-10-26 06:21:33
Three ways to strengthen the security of your account and safely stored your cryptocurrency.


Your password should be complicated and unique, and between 6 to 16 characters, including upper- and lower- case letters, numbers or special characters. They should be arranged without explicit rule, and exclude information that is easy to access by others, such as your name, email name, birthday and phone number. Passwords like 123456, qwerty, bexplus123 and abc123 are not suggested to use, while passwords like R@ng32#4gf, iHJhie8#We12 and Tfb!3Le4.Oa are suggested. Meanwhile, you can periodically change your password (once every 3 months) and strengthen your account security, and these passwords are better to be totally different from each other. Password Administrator 1 and Last Pass are good choices to record and manage your password.

Besides, do not to tell your password to anyone, and Bexplus staff will never ask for it either.

Two Factors Authentication

You are suggested to link Google Authenticator, a dynamic password tool introduced by Google. You need to use your phone to scan the bar code offered by Bexplus or type the key. After finishing the last step, a valid 6-digit verification code will be generated every 30 seconds. If you link Google Authenticator successfully, you need to enter the 6-digit verification code displayed on it every time you log in Bexplus.

Attention Phishing

Be careful of emails sent by fake Bexplus, try not to click links or attachments in the emails, and ensure whether the links are Bexplus official website links before you log in your account. Remember that Bexplus will never ask for your password, SMS or email verification code.

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