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The Accounting Date of Withdrawal

2018-10-26 09:37:00

The Accounting Date of Withdrawal

1. Time of withdrawal?

You can withdraw BTC 24/7.

2. How long will the BTC arrive to your account after withdrawal? What to do if the BTC hasn't yet credited to your withdrawal address?

After submitting the withdrawal request, the following conditions will be displayed in the withdrawal records according to the progress of withdrawal:

1) Waiting for withdrawal: the withdrawal request has been submitted, and you have to wait for withdrawal auditing. (If a large amount of withdrawal requests cause congestion, then you have to wait in line).

2) Manual auditing: as judged by Bexplus system, some withdrawal requests need manual auditing, which will be confirmed by the customer service by email or phone.

3) Withdrawing: the system is dealing with your request, and operations cannot be performed manually at the moment, so please wait patiently.

4) Successful withdrawal: BTC has been withdrawn from the platform. You can query it in the block.

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