Fees & Trading Rules

  1. Account Deposit & Withdrawal Bexplus only accepts BTC deposit and withdrawal. Users can invest in all trading pairs that provided in the platform, but the margin used, profit and loss will be calculated in BTC. Bexplus's deposit address is tamper-resistant and multi-signature cold wallet address.
  2. 1:100 Leverage Bexplus offers 100x leverage. If you opened a long/short position, when the price rises/falls 1%, you will get 100% profit. However, assuming the opened position is opposite to the market trend, the loss will also be calculated in the same way.
  3. Trading Limits Minimum trading volume means the minimum amount of position that user can be financed by Bexplus, while the maximum trading volume is the maximum amount of position that each user can be financed by the platform. The trading platform will not allow users to place orders which will exceed the limits if executed. The restrictions are set by the Bexplus risk management department and depend on factors including trading products liquidity, volatility and other market conditions. Minimum & Maximum Trading Limits are as follows:
    Trading pairs Min. trading volume Min. position size change Max. trading volume
    BTC/USDT 0.1BTC 0.1BTC 200BTC
    LTC/USDT 10LTC 10LTC 20,000LTC
    EOS/USDT 100EOS 100EOS 200,000EOS
    XRP/USDT 1,000XRP 1,000XRP 2,000,000XRP
  4. Maximum Limit orders Users can hold a maximum of 15 limit orders at one time. Pending orders will not occupy margin.
  5. Trading Hours Bexplus' trading and customer service are available 24/7.
  6. Service Charge Bexplus will charge a fee in every transaction.
    Trading pairs Leverage Service fee rate
    BTC/USDT x100 0.075%
    ETH/USDT x100 0.151%
    LTC/USDT x100 0.193%
    EOS/USDT x100 0.195%
    XRP/USDT x100 0.195%
  7. Overnight Financing Bexplus provides 100x leverage trading. If you open and hold a position at GMT 0:00, you will need to pay 0. 1% of the contract value as loan interest. However, if you close the position before GMT 0:00, you will not be charged any loan interest.
  8. Forced Liquidation When your account margin rate is equal to or lower than 30%, your positions will be liquidated automatically. The balance in your wallet will not be included in the position margin and will be no loss.
  9. Auto-Selling in Profit When the profit reaches 85% of your net account value (including bonus), the corresponding positions will be automatically closed at the market price by the system. You can continue to open new positions and get higher profits.
  10. No Negative Balance The price volatility of the crypto market is huge, and your maximum loss will only be limited to your account balance. If your account balance occurs negative, the system will clear the account balance and bonus (if have) to 0 automatically.
  11. Bexplus' Quotes Bexplus' market quote are integrated from five top exchanges in the world based on different ratios and data weight, including Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Huobi and ZB.
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