The Accounting Date of deposit

2018/10/26 05:49:54

1. Time of deposit?

You can deposit coins 24/7.

2. how long will the money arrive after deposit? What if the money hasn’t arrived for long?

Transferring block chain assets consists of 3 steps, “proposal” -- “block confirmation” -- “Entry”.

1). Proposal: a success of transferring account means the platform of withdrawal or wallet has performed transferring operations.

2). Block confirmation: complete the block confirmation. When congestion, delay or other circumstances occur in the block, the digital assets will take a long time to complete confirmation as a result.

3). Entry: After complete confirmation, the platform will finish the entry as soon as possible.

If the block has no complete confirmation, please wait patiently, for the system can enter the coins in your account only when the confirmation is completed.

If the block has complete confirmation, but the coins fail to arrive the account, then please contact online customer service or submit work order.

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