How to set Google verification code?

2018/10/26 06:23:45

What is Google authentication?

Google Authenticator is a dynamic password tool, which works in the similar way as SMS dynamic verification. After you link it, there is a dynamic verification code generated every 30 seconds, which can be used for logging in, withdrawing and changing security settings, among others.


Download Google Authenticator

IOS users can log in App Store and search “Authenticator” to download it; Android users can log in Android Market or browsers to search “Authenticator” to download it.


Add backup key

After opening Google Authenticator, you can scan the bar code offered by Bexplus or type the key to add token. Key is used to find Google Authenticator when your phone is changed or lost, so please backup and preserve the key before linking.


Start Google authentication

Enter your account’s login password and Google verification code on the setting page, and you can start Google authentication instantly. 

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