Trading Descriptions

2018/10/26 05:57:05

1. What kinds of products can be traded?


2. Can they be traded 24 hour a day?

You can trade 24/7/365.

3. What are the minimum volume and maximum volume each time?

The minimum volumes of BTC, ETH and LTC are respectively 0.1, 1 and 10. Increment equals length.

The maximum volume equals the amount of positions and pending orders. The maximum volumes of BTC, ETH and LTC are respectively 100, 2000 and 10000.

4.How much is the service charge?

There will be a service charge when opening positions or closing positions, with 0.75‰ each time.

5.Will the cost price of positions change after I add positions?

Yes, the price will change after you add positions.

Calculation formula:

Suppose the original cost price is X, and quantity is Y; now positions are added, the cost price becomes A, and quantity becomes B.

The formula is as follows:

The average cost price C=(X*Y+A*B)/( Y+B)

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